Striping Services

Quality Striping offers a wide range of services to paint new or update existing parking lots, roads, playgrounds and more.  We can also install or remove signage, wheel stops, thermoplastic, traffic buttons and markers, and truncated domes. Our crew is extremely knowledgable on how to work with and install each of the services we offer. Click on each service below for more information.


Parking Lot Striping
Quality Striping paints new or refreshes existing parking lot striping. We will paint (or install thermoplastic for) parking stalls, accessible spaces, crosshatch areas and walkways, arrows, guest/compact/numbered/electric vehicles stencils, and colored curbs for fire lanes, loading zones and limited parking zones. We can also provide custom stencils if needed.

School Playground Striping
Quality Striping paints pavement markings for games and sports such as basketball courts, running tracks, volleyball, hopscotch, dodgeball, tetherball, and shuffleboard.

Road and Freeway Striping
Quality Striping applies centerlines, directional arrows, crosswalks, bike lanes and symbols, etc. in traffic paint or thermoplastic. All of our markings are approved by Caltrans Standard Specifications

Bike Path Striping
Symbols and bike lanes can be painted to ensure a safer path and bike ride.

Airport Markings

Thermoplastic and Traffic Paint

Quality Striping uses either thermoplastic or traffic paint for lot and road markings. Thermoplastic is more durable and longer lasting than paint, and dries almost instantly. It is recommended for high traffic areas and is more expensive than paint. We utilize the extrusion method only (no sprayable).

We use high-quality Ennis traffic paint in solvent or water based, for parking lots, roads, playgrounds and more. The standard colors we use are white, yellow, red, blue, and green. This paint dries quickly, and can be applied in one or several coats.

Wheel Stops

Quality Striping installs concrete, as well as recycled rubber wheel stops in three, four, or six foot lengths. If a post-mounted sign is not protected by a curb, wheel stops are recommended to protect the sign. Typically they are pinned in outdoor parking lots and secured with epoxy in parking garages.

Traffic Markers and Traffic Buttons

We have traffic markers and buttons for any parking or traffic safety need, in reflective or non-reflective applications. All of our markers and buttons are approved by Caltrans Standard Specifications.


Quality Striping offers standard and custom metal signage for parking lots and streets, installed on metal posts or walls. All accessible signage is fully ADA compliant.

In addition to signage we also provide core drilling, which is the process of drilling holes in concrete so that a post can be inserted.

ADA Compliance

All accessible striping and signage we furnish and install is up to the current ADA codes. Any business or property with an accessible parking spot that is not up to code can be a liability; we can update your current accessible stalls and signage to be ADA compliant to avoid this risk.

Truncated Domes

Quality Striping furnishes and installs truncated domes, also known as tactile or detectable warning surfaces, in areas where visually impaired pedestrians might need guidance. We offer surface-applied in yellow or gray, and do not offer cast-in-place, which are only installed directly onto freshly poured concrete.

Striping and Signage Removal

We offer two methods of removal for existing striping: blacking or graying out with paint, or grinding (we do not remove markings via sandblasting). Grinding removes the striping material, but can leave marks behind. For removal via paint, we cover the existing striping with paint that matches the ground. Grinding is recommended for removal of thermoplastic, because thermoplastic is thicker than paint.

We also remove wheel stops, signs, and truncated domes.