Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use paint or thermoplastic?

Thermoplastic is more durable and longer lasting than paint, and dries almost instantly. It is recommended for high traffic areas and is more expensive than paint. We utilize the extrusion method only (no sprayable). Paint is great for areas that don’t have as much traffic, such as office parking lots where cars typically sit in one spot the whole day. We use high-quality Ennis traffic paint available in water-base or solvent.

What if my parking lot isn’t ADA compliant?

ADA is a complaint-driven law that relies on entities to comply with the requirements proactively; parking lots with pavement markings and signage that are not up to code are at risk of a lawsuit. We know all of the codes and can help you update your lot to avoid this risk.

Do you charge for estimates?


Where do you work?

Usually we work all over the Bay Area, but have done work as far as Sacramento and Monterey.

Who have you done work for in the past?

Some of our many happy customers include Apple, YouTube, George Lucas Films, Google, and UC Santa Cruz.

Do you offer seal-coating or slurry, or pressure washing?

We do not provide these services ourselves, but have trusted partners we work with to provide them if your project requires.